Your roof is a vital element of your home’s structure and its upkeep plays a significant role in helping you and your family stay comfortable, secure and healthy. As a roof starts to wear down or show signs of damage over the years, you will come to a juncture where you’ll need to decide between repairing your roof and completely replacing it. At Hynes Construction, we have helped scores of homeowners in taking the right decision in such a situation with our extensive knowledge and experience of every kind of roof. Here are 5 factors to consider when choosing between roof repairs and roof replacement.

roof repair and replacement

1. The number of years
Considering the age of your roof and understanding its present condition, is a good way to ensure you invest in the right decision. If your roof appears to be failing or is well past its prime, then repairs may prove to be a short term fix for a structure that needs a complete overhaul.

2. The nature of leaks
A roof that keeps out the sun but not the rain is bad news. Inspect areas inside your home to check whether you are facing the problem of a leaky roof. Leaks if not resolved can eventually lead to rot in your structure, peeling off on ceilings and walls and growth of mold. Whether a leaky roof calls for repairs or replacement will depend on the extent of damage to your home as well as the source of the leak.

3. The extent of damage 
A roof’s job is certainly not easy. Staying firm and keeping you protected against the elements is a responsibility that comes with a price. Look for signs that include everything from worn out aesthetics to streaks of algae, curled edges to missing granules and bald spots, cracks and dents to rust and perforations. The extent of damage would be a good indicator as to whether you need to give your old roof a new lease of life or simply get a new one.

4. The type of weather
A weakened roof may not have the stability to stand up to the next storm. So, if you happen to live in a place that’s vulnerable to storms and hurricanes, do a proper audit of your roof for damages, leaks and other issues. This will help you understand the services that are needed to get your roof ready before the next storm hits you.

 5. The cost involved
The cost of roof replacement will far exceed the expense of roof repairs. However, if your roof will require frequent repairs and maintenance, you’ll end up paying more in repairs than on replacing the entire roof. Knowing the state of your roof and the maintenance it’ll require, will be a helpful factor in taking your call.

We hope this 5-point read will help you in picking the right choice between roof repairs and replacement and ensuring better comfort and more savings. If you need a local roofing contractor who’s licensed, insured and qualified for commercial roof replacement, roof repair and replacement, commercial roof repair or emergency roof repair services, give us a call. With over 40 years of experience in the home improvement industry and hundreds of satisfied homeowners, you can count on us to deliver superior grade services whether you’re going in for roof repairs or replacement.

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