Do you have a rooftop space that could use a complete makeover? Building a rooftop deck is a great way to elevate the space and the overall aesthetic of your home. Not to forget, a well-designed and cleverly planned deck space can add to the resale value of your home, should you ever think of selling, and create a serene space with a view for your weekends, dinner parties and the holidays. 

But before you dive into your Pinterest looking for deck inspiration, read our blog to know everything you need to know about roof deck installation

Zoning and HOA Regulations

First and foremost, it is important to check local zoning ordinances and HOA regulations. You need to be aware of local ordinances or homeowners association regulations that prohibit the building of rooftop decks or have special requirements for the building of rooftop decks.

Doing your research and having all the building codes in hand before starting the project will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Another thing to be sure of is whether your home can take the weight of a rooftop deck. Have an expert inspect your home before setting any plans in stone. 

Plan and Design 

A roof deck installation is a big investment and proper planning is crucial when building one. Though it is important to have an expert’s advice throughout, you can always keep your plans ready before construction starts. Take your time to explore decks around your neighbourhood and on the internet.

To build a great deck it is important that you get the right lighting, the right furniture and define a purpose for the area. Keeping weather conditions in mind, plan for adequate covering, weather proof lighting and efficient drainage in case of snow or rain. 

Deck Framing

The big thing to consider is what deck framing to choose. You have three basic options to pick from – sleepers, adjustable pedal systems and wood framing. 

Sleepers will be a more inexpensive options but there are cons to mind. It is best to speak with your contractor before choosing sleepers for your deck framing. 

High-performance aluminum joists are a great adjustable pedal system to choose. However, expect to pay a lot more for these. As this framing is non-combustible, doesn’t rot and doesn’t warp, it is a lot more expensive than sleepers. 

Traditional wood framing is another option and one of the major benefits is the low cost. Additionally, you also need to ensure that your home can support the weight of wood framing.

Wood joists also stand the chance of rotting and warping, so in an area prone to rain and snow, regular roof deck repair and maintenance would be prudent if you choose the wood joists. 


Finally, you need to pick the right decking. Rooftop decks are not forgiving and choosing the wrong decking could lead to moisture getting trapped in your attic. So to have a deck that’ll last you a long time without causing additional problems, it is important that you consult with experts and pick the right decking. 

There’s a variety of colours and options available with synthetic decking. You can choose from wood composites, plastic capped wood composites to PVC. However, synthetics can expand when heated up, so do your homework and consult with neighbours before choosing a decking for yourself. 

If you are considering softwood decking, we’d advice against it. Softwood decking on a rooftop deck will warp, split and crack due to the harsh environment. Even higher-quality wood will require a lot of refinishing to withstand the exposure to elements.

If not refinished regularly, splitting and checking is a certainty. Hardwood decking is an excellent choice for rooftop decks that are likely to be exposed to harsh environments. 

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