Throughout its course, stucco remediation is a thorough and extensive project. But the earlier you catch it, the easier and more affordable it would be to have remediation done. You could even get away with just minor repairs. Stucco repair and remediation require a lot of skill, so it is important that a professional is involved from inspection to completion. Here are some points to note about identifying stucco damage and having it fixed. 

Repair and Remediation

If the damage you are looking to fix is limited to the stucco and hasn’t affected your home’s exterior walls, simple repairs like replacing the damaged section of the stucco or the sealing of cracks is all you’ll need to have done. But if you notice leaks or mold inside the house, it’s time to have a professional do a moisture test. 

Stucco remediation is a more thorough process than repair. It takes longer and requires more skill therefore will cost you a lot more than repairs. However, you’ll find the cost and time are worth it as remediation can help your stucco siding last a long time. 

Remediation: Understanding the Process

Before you call a local siding contractor or stucco repair company near you, it is important that you have a full picture of what the contractors will be doing during the remediation.

First, your contractor will run a moisture test on the entire house. This involves checking the roof, attic, interior walls, gutters, vents, windows and doors. This is to gauge the exact extent of the damage caused and the areas of the house it has affected. 

Next, they’ll decide whether remediation is required and if determined that it is, the damaged sections, flashing, water-damaged insulation will be removed and reinstalled. 

The contractors will be stripping your walls down to their innermost parts and rebuilding and replacing the damaged sections of the siding system. 

Keep in mind, this is a lengthy process and hiring a trained and experienced contractor is important to ensure the remediation lasts your home for a long time. The process requires highly skilled siding experts and it’s best to check with neighbours about contractors they have worked with, look for local companies and individuals for the job and run a background check online for reviews from previous customers. 

In some cases where the damage is a lot more, the entire stucco system may have to be replaced & that’s why if it beneficial is there are stucco remediation contractors near our locations so that we can contact them easily.

Final Thoughts on Stucco Remediation

If your contractor strongly recommends remediation over repairs, we’d say you take their advice. While the cost and time involved in a project like this may sound like far too big an investment, timely remediation can save you big time from having to carry out major structural repairs throughout your home. 

Choosing the right stucco remediation contractor in Ardmore or the right siding company can give you the assurance that you are not being overcharged and the final product will be worth every penny. 

While you can choose simple repairs to quickly fix the problems on the surface, no experienced contractor will be able to give you a guarantee on the work as the underlying problems will persist and your stucco will continue to crack or show water damage. To save yourself from complete structural repairs and a full siding replacement, call a roofing or stucco remediation contractor at the first sign of stucco damage and carry out the necessary repair or remediation at the earliest. 

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