If you’re planning a home remodeling project or need roofing services in Ardmore, PA, you’ll need to hire a contractor. But with so many contractors out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Hiring the wrong contractor can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s important to do your research and choose wisely.

Tips for hiring a contractor for home remodeling

Ask for Referrals 

Home remodeling is a big investment and it’s important to find a contractor who can meet your needs. When you start searching for a home remodeling contractor in Ardmore, PA/in your area, start asking friends and family for recommendations. They may have worked with a home remodeling contractor in the past and can provide you valuable referrals. Once you have some referrals, check online reviews of customers who have hired these contractors for home remodeling services. Look for a contractor with a high rating and positive reviews.

Check Experience and Track Record 

When it comes to commercial roofing services or just roof repair services in Ardmore PA, you need a contractor with the experience and track record in providing these services. Check for proper licensing and insurance and ask for references from previous clients as well. Contact these clients and ask about their experience while working with the contractor. Were they satisfied with the work? Did the contractor complete the project on time and within budget? A reputable roofing contractor will neither have a problem showing you proof of insurance and licensing nor sharing references of past clients. 

Get Multiple Quotes

Get multiple quotes for both home remodeling and roofing services. Make sure each quote includes a detailed breakdown of the costs and timeline for the project.

Check the Communication

Communication is key when working with a contractor for home remodeling or roofing services. The contractor you hire should be responsive in terms of communication. They need to demonstrate the ability and willingness to answer your questions and concerns promptly and accurately.

Check for Necessary Permits 

When it comes to commercial roof maintenance services and roof repair services in Ardmore PA, ask the contractor about the necessary permits for the project. A reputable roofing contractor will obtain the necessary permits for the project.


Getting the right home remodeling contractor in Ardmore PA is the most important step to making the dreams for your home come real. If you’re looking for an expert home improvement services company that ticks all the essentials on your checklist, reach out to us. We’re Hynes Roofing & Siding, a 1974-established company that’s reputed for handling a wide range of home improvement needs with high quality workmanship, great work attitude, timely performance and competitive pricing. Call us at 610 880 3890 to get in touch with skilled and experienced contractors who look forward to working with you.

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