“Tis easier to build two chimneys than to maintain one.”- George Herbert

Whether it’s Santa Claus, Sinterklaas, goblins, or a wild man, the chimney has a mythical fascination during the Christmas season. The darkness within the structure that connects the home to the outside world evokes intrigue and mystery. Shifting the focus from their christmasy element, the appealing addition of a chimney brings with it a lot of maintenance responsibility.

Moisture in a chimney system may be an expensive problem with a variety of causes. If you’ve recently noticed a chimney leak or rust stains within your firebox, it’s possible that your Chimney Flashing needs to be repaired or replaced.

Chimney Flashing Repair

Let’s take a quick look at what Chimney Flashing is all about.

Chimney flashing is a type of roof flashing that creates a waterproof wall to protect rain and snow from entering your chimney and roof. In simpler terms, it’s actually just a piece of metal, but plays a pretty big role. Flashing is installed at the intersection of your roof and the chimney. Depending on the type of roofing and the local environment, the flashing is made out of vinyl, aluminum, copper, or steel.

The three major components of chimney flashing are :-

1. Step Flashing– It is an L-shaped piece of metal found under the roofing shingles and along the brick of your chimney.

2. Counter Flashing– This is also known as cap flashing. Counter flashing is also an L-shaped metal piece. But, the difference is that this  is intended to cover the step flashing and is inserted in a groove carved in the chimney masonry.

3. Base Flashing- Base flashing is used to protect the chimney from  water penetration at the connection between the vertical surface and the roofing surface, in this instance, the base of the chimney.

Importance Of Chimney Flashing In Home Improvement

If the flashing around your chimney breaks and begins to leak, it may cause major damage to the roof, attic, and even interior rooms. As water penetrates the mortar joints between the chimney’s bricks, the structure of the chimney may become brittle and begin to disintegrate.

We  know how much your fireplace means to you. But most importantly, we understand how a damaged chimney flashing can disturb your cozy fireplace. The process of putting roofs and chimneys living in harmony together, begins with a proper installation of chimney flashing. 

However, installing chimney flashing is a rather precise procedure that requires professional Roofer guidance. If you’re looking for a chimney flashing repair nearby, that’s where we come in! Our qualified chimney experts from Hynes Roofing & Siding are always more than ready to diagnose and repair any chimney issues, including the installation of new chimney flashing. As home improvement contractors, we consider it our pleasure to take up the responsibility of providing you with the best installation and services.

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