When it comes to your home’s siding, there will be instances when you can make things good again with simple repairs – without taking up too much time or spending too much money. However, there will also be situations where you’ll need something a bit more serious than repairs to restore your home’s siding to its best – you’ll need a replacement. At Hynes, we’ve always strived to help our community of customers in taking the right decisions even in the most tricky situations. Here’s a quick read of facts that will help you differentiate between siding issues that need repairs and siding concerns that need a full replacement.

roofing and siding repair

 When you need Siding Repair

Repairs will help you fix a problem without having to worry about incurring a considerable expense. Here are siding issues that can be made good with a quick visit from your local expert.

1. Your notice cracks and chips
Decide the scale of the solution by the size of the problem. If you see minor cracks and chips in your siding, then it’s a job that should involve quick and inexpensive repairs, not time and money consuming replacement.

2. You spot the first signs of mold
Mold when allowed to spread undetected can cause extensive damage that could prove expensive to undo. However, if you spot the mold early and have it removed completely, you can easily get away with nothing more than just a minor repair job.

3. You see dents
If you spot dents along your siding, you don’t really need to start planning your expenses. Like cracks, this problem too is easily repairable and would only require a replacement of the affected panel.

4. You spot loose panels
There could be a number of reasons why you end up seeing panels that seem to be coming loose. It could be the consequence of an incorrect installation or even the after-effect of serious storms. Either way, it’s a problem that you can easily fix with a call to your local expert.

 When you need Siding Replacement

Not everything that’s affected can be repaired and brought back to normal. Here are siding problems that can only be handled with a replacement and not the usual repairs.

1. Your siding’s begun to rot
The sight of rot anywhere on your siding is a sign that your siding is starting to fail. The best course of action would be a quick and complete replacement of the affected siding before you see the damage spread to other areas of your home exterior.

2. You need frequent maintenance
If you find yourself having to repair, repaint or maintain your siding more frequently than what you consider normal, it would be advisable to choose a one-time replacement over multiple repairs.

3. You see a good amount of fading
Constant exposure to harsh sunlight and the elements can eventually take its toll, leading to faded out sidings. Unfortunately, once this happens there aren’t very many solutions other than a total replacement.

4. Your siding’s no match for new entrants
With new advancements in technology, your home’s siding should be giving you advantages like better energy efficiency and superior aesthetics. If your old siding offers you none of the above benefits, then it’s time to consider a replacement.

Your home’s siding is bound to develop signs of wear and tear and other damages across its lifespan. We hope by reading this blog, you’ll be better equipped to differentiate issues that need repairs from those that need replacement. If you’re looking for roofing and siding contractors near you or local experts for roofing and siding repair or fibre cement siding service in Ardmore PA, feel free to get in  touch with us. With over 40 years of proven industry experience and one of the finest teams of expert contractors, you can rely on us for an experience that’s professional, timely and affordable.

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