Flat roof maintenance and repair, flat roof maintenance, roof maintenance services or a silver roof coating. No matter what your roof needs, there’s definitely a good and a bad time to engage a contractor for a roofing job. The summers, for example, are definitely easier on you and the contractor to carry out the repairs. The winters, however, could be far, far more affordable. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of fixing a roof in the summer vs the winter.

Flat roof maintenance

Replace in the winter 
A winter replacement is above all else affordable. Winters are off-season for roofers and construction companies. This means they have more time to take up last minute jobs, they can work at a leisurely pace and really pay attention to every minute detail and they are likely to give you a competitive rate. It is also easier for roofers to acquire materials for cheaper because business is slower than usual for suppliers too. There are downsides to winter construction too. Roofs can be quite dangerous to navigate on snowy days and any frozen over water can make them slippery. It is important you check insurance and licensing before hiring a roofer for winter construction. The shorter days and chance of snow also make it harder for construction to go as planned. There may have to be frequent breaks to accommodate the snow and the whole project may take a little longer than anticipated. 

Replace in the summer 
Summer is the best time to replace a roof. It’s certainly a lot safer, construction can go on without a hitch and the longer days give the construction crew more natural light to work with. It’s easier to transport material to and from the site too! The only downside is that summer is peak construction season and you’ll likely have a tough time getting an appointment from a good roofing company. It won’t be very affordable either. So unless you have the money in hand or need the roof repairs immediately done, try to hold out until winter for more affordable rates. 

The best price and the best service, all year long. 
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