If your windows are foggy, leaky, chilly, cracked, or otherwise not performing their intended function, you may be thinking if you should repair or replace them. Sometimes, depending on the type and extent of the damage, repairing your windows may be a better alternative than replacing them. 

To help you determine which course of action is best for you, here is a list of when you should repair or replace your windows. Keep reading the following write-up to classify the damages respectively.

Window Replacement Services


1) Water Damage: Have you noticed any coffee-like stains on your windows? Water can enter your house through fractures and chips in the glass or by soaking the surrounding area, notably the frame. Although dealing with water damage is inconvenient, if the panes are still intact, you may simply call your local expert to fix the damage.  

2) Trouble Opening And Closing Windows: Windows that do not open or close smoothly are a clear indication that you want window repair services. Sticking windows are not only inconvenient but also a fire hazard. Older homes, for example, may have wood sashes or rusted hinges that make it difficult for a window to work correctly. In most cases, dysfunctional windows are caused by one of the following issues, all of which can be readily repaired:

  • The paint on a sash is too thick, causing it to stick
  • The window frame is twisted and the sash cannot function correctly
  • The hinges and locks are rusted

3) Broken Casing: The casing protects your windows from harm and adds to the curb appeal of your home since it is visually appealing. Weather and temperature can deteriorate the case, leading it to become loose, cracked, rotting, or completely gone. While a broken casing is unsightly, it is easily repairable.

4) Damaged Muntin or Mullions: Muntin and Mullions are wood pieces that nestle between glass panes and frequently form a cross-like design. Some muntin and mullions are solely aesthetic, while others provide structural support for the window panes. If your muntin or mullions are cracked, or damaged, they can be restored rather than replacing the entire window.


1) You Observed Fogging: Condensation isn’t always a bad thing. However, if you notice fogging (an effect of condensation) between the two panes of glass in your windows, it is a clear indicator that the seals on your windows have begun to wear out. This enables the moisture to collect between the glass panes. The seals in your windows are critical because when the seals entirely wear out, the insulating gas that helps make the windows energy efficient is also lost. If you do not replace your windows at this point, they will become extremely leaky, causing you significant discomfort.

2) Severe Water Leakage: Excessive water infiltration around the window might indicate a problem with the outer window casing. This isn’t just a window problem but a problem with your entire façade. However, if water does get in through the window, it is usually time to start looking for new windows for a replacement.

3) Noise Penetration: A well-functioning window can help in keeping the outside noise from entering the house. Replacing single glazing with double or triple glazing gives an extra insulation layer against outside sounds.

4) Skyrocketing Energy Bills: Inefficient or worn-out home windows can have a significant impact on your home’s temperature and contribute to excessive energy costs. This is because malfunctioning windows allow more heat to escape your home, leading you to use more of your cooling system during the summer and the heating system during the winter to compensate for the loss of cold and warmth. This might result in excessive energy costs, putting a burden on your wallet. In this case, replacing the windows at home is the best option. 

According to the US Department of Energy, energy-efficient windows can save households up to 30% on heating and cooling expenditures. Choosing between a window repair or replacement ultimately comes down to the type of problem you’re having with them. In certain circumstances, a repair might suffice, but window replacement is usually the best long-term solution. If you’re looking for new or replacement windows, or window replacement services in and around Ardmore PA, give Hynes a call today. Our professionals will gladly provide you with guidance and a free estimate from the convenience of your own home.

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