While taking up building a rooftop deck project at home is a doable task, it is always a good idea to employ professional deck building contractors to build the deck of your dreams. Before you hire a deck contractor near you or start work on your deck yourself, here are some things you ought to know. 

Step 1: Understanding Decks

Before beginning any construction on your home, it is important to acquire the necessary permits from local authorities or the Homeowners Association. If you are employing the help of a professional, check with them if they will be taking care of the permits or if you are expected to acquire the same. A crucial step to note is having your property inspected before adding any decking. It is important to seek a professional’s expert advice on the best kind of deck for your home. 

With the permits and initial checks discussed, we can move on to understanding what the many elements and parts of a deck are. This will give you an idea of what material you’ll need to buy and budget for. 

Joists: These make up the horizontal frame that your deck stands on. 

Footing: The footing, oftentimes made of cement, is what support’s your deck’s posts underground. 

Piers: Consider this an above-ground footing that supports the posts. 

Ledger: The ledger is what attaches to your home and supports the decking. 

Decking: This is what forms the floor of your deck. 

Flashing: Much like your chimney, your deck also requires flashing where it connects with the house to prevent water seepage. Think of it as a protective layer for your walls. 

Step 2: Planning The Duration 

It is important to be prepared with a realistic timeline on how long your deck building will take. For a professional to construct a regular deck it can take anywhere from one to three weeks. If a deck design is unique or requires more time, you can plan for a couple of weeks more. It is important that while construction is in progress, if you are taking charge of construction yourself,  you take all necessary precautions to protect your home and your family. Hiring a deck installation company near you can take this responsibility away. Professional, trained and licensed contractors can help you with the safety aspects of carrying out construction in and around your home. 

Step 3: Things to Consider Before Construction Starts

Whether you are carrying out construction yourself or hiring a contractor, there’s things you need to decide on before construction begins. Choose material that works best for your budget and can withstand the weather conditions in your area. Your deck’s design is the next important thing on the list. Figure out what kind of enclosure you wish to have, how many levels you want and what the shape of your deck will be. All of these factors will add to your overall budget and construction time so it is important to decide on them early on in the process. 

Step 4: Cost of Building a Deck 

The cost for deck building will vary based on the design, the materials used, the time frame in which you need it constructed and your location. If you are hiring a contractor, the cost of labor will be included in your total cost as well. While you can call around for the cost of individual factors and set tentative budget for yourself, we’d suggest you give the experts at Hynes Roofing & Siding a call and get a FREE estimate for the job. 

Step 5: Location, Location, Location

Lastly, decide on where you want your deck built. Around the periphery of your home, circling a tree, a small deck in your backyard or a rooftop deck. Knowing where you want your deck built will help you a great deal when applying for permits and HOA approvals. 

While it’s a great feeling to take care of your deck installation and repairs on your own. A professional’s help can add a lot of value to the process on a whole. Hynes Roofing & Siding provides deck installation, deck repair, and deck maintenance services with excellent customer service. And you can trust our licensed and certified contractors to give you the right advice, every step of the way. Give us a call on [company_phone] or fill our contact form for a FREE estimate.

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